Quality Communities, Affordable,
Modern senior housing

SNHC is committed to building quality communities and preserving access to affordable housing in those community.
Safe, clean, and quality rental housing units are available to seniors, the disabled, and families who meet income eligibility requirements.

Recently hundreds of apartments have been renovated with modern and energy efficient finishings.

SNHC has also partnered with Habitat for Humanity, granting others in our community quality housing opportunities.

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medical care

Conveniently Located

Pet friendly

Energy Efficient renovated units

Our recent renovation of the McDonnell Towers and Town Homes at River Park Place create a comfortable and attractive living space exceeding the "Southfield Standard".

New Appliances
New Lighting
New Safety Features
New Lighting

New Elevators
New Cupboards
New Flooring
$37,000 per unit

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19785 W. 12 Mile Road #458 Southfield, MI 48076